Nixon promised peace and honor with Vietnam
Gave his policy a term… Vietnamization
Vietnam should fight its own war
The idea was to have the Vietnamese fight their own war and the US to withdraw troops and give training and equipment to the south Vietnamese.
By 1972 only 24,000 troops remained
Bombing raids increased by the US, however
Hurt supply lines of North Vietnam
Bombing expanded to other places-the war is now exanding
Nixon wanted the enemy to believe that he would do anything to win
US ground forces invaded Cambodia in Spring 1970
The US is expanding their involvement in the war. NOT what Nixon promised!!
Protests erupt across the country
Kent State University riot-four Americans die after being shot by troops
It leads to more domestic upheaval and unrest
All the news now publicizing that Americans are hurting Americans
Nixon loses support from the public and Congress the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was repealed
The pentagon papers-the US government investigated its own military an compared what was going on in Vietnam to what the public was being told, reavealed that those things were different
The NY times wants to put it on the front page. argued freedom of speech
Nixon says no, and loses supreme court case.
Public sees that they aren’t being told the truth… OPPOSITION INCREASESSS!!!!!

Peace talks 1972:
Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho… they decide “peace is at hand”
Its an election year-sounds good for Nixon, Nixon re-elected
Nixon ends up bombing more than he ever has
January 27, 1973:
Agreement reached on ending the war and restoring peace in Vietnam
North Vietnam agrees to return prisoners of war
soldiers were mistreated in camps-did not follow Geneva protocall
extreme punishments from north Vietnam
tap code used by American soldiers to communicate
soldiers in these camps were celebrated when they returned
in 1975 north Vietnam military attacks Saigon falls
Vietnam reunited under communism
America escapes, and communism prevails
The war was not a success-they “lost” because they didn’t achieve their goal of containing communism
In southeast Asia:
-1.5 million Vietnamese deaths
-countless Vietnamese civilians wounded and homeless
-agrarian society left in shambles
-southeast Asia left highly unstable
-Cambodia fell to communism
-Poll Pot in Combodia-horrible dictator, rivals with Hitler and Stalin
-genocide centers
-prisoners taken to cheong ek, a cemetery, now known as “the killing fields”
-still current trials for guards that were there
-bones everywhere
58000 americans killed
365000 wounded
150 billion in direct costs
us attempts to cope with losses
-before: US a world superpower
-after: we lost a war to a tiny country
major changes as a result of the conflict
-government abolishes the draft
war powers act-curb the power of the president
-altered American foreign policy
-overall cynicism in Americans-always looking on the wrong side
-Us not doing well in the 1970s, economic crisis, Vietnam
-veterans extended a cold hand
--veterans start to struggle-suffered from stress-had a difficult time getting back into society
-may citizens embittered toward government
-entire generation of Americans is effected
-Vietnam memorial commemorated in memorial 7 years later
-the veterans finally receive their ticker-tape parade
Vietnam now: dominated by agriculture