Topic: Vietnam on the Homefornt, and life during the 60s-end of Vietnam
interview subject: Barbara Hanson, grandmother of Julia

Fascinating and intruiging, I am so glad I had this opportunity to share this interview with my grandmother. Although she felt her information was inadequate and uninteresting when she said the war was not a direct part of her life and it was "over there," I found that fact all the more interesting. Even though she routinely watched the media's portrayal of the war routinely, she still lacked a link or connection to the war.

Her reaction to the events in 1968 undoubtedly mirrored those of other Americans. She elucidated the shock the country faced after learning of the Assasination of MLK, and not long after, Robert Kennedy. After talking to her, it was clear the anxiety the country had to go through, as one tradgedy came after another.

My favorite part of the interview was her comparison of her views of war from WWII to Vietnam. Although she attributed most of her change of opinion to her change in age, I was enthralled with her description that in WWII we were fighting to "save the world," and in Vietnam, a purpose seemed hard to find. This comment illuminated a citizen's perspective of the US's containment policy; grey, clouded disaproval.

I will remember this interview with years to come, and it truly furthered and made realistic the topics discussed during Unit 8!