Section 1 – Origins of the Civil Rights Movement

What "changes" were making the efforts of African Americans more successful than ever?

Tweetpostwar changes- rascism viewed evil-bc Holocoust. more determined to win equality at home. more resources-new jobs, more money and connections.

What happened in Montgomery in 1955, and what were the results of this protest?

TweetRosa refuses 2 give up seats 4 whites -boycott continues-national attention. MLK rises to leadership of community. Bus segregation declared illegal-first triumph

What happened in Little Rock in 1957, and what were the results of this event?

Tweet9 Black students first to integrate schools by going to Central High. Violent mobs. President sends protection-mob rule does not override decision of Supreme Court.

What happened in Greensboro in 1960, and what were the results of this event?
segregated lunchcounter-4students, then mor sat at white only lunch counters-resistance led to desegregation of sittins peaceful civil disobedience

Provide a tweet describing SNCC.
Black College Students against segregation, non-violence to desegregate public facilities. Stolkely Carmichael, changes goal to black power-SNCC declines

Section 2 – Kennedy, Johnson, and Civil Rights

What happened on the Freedom Rides?

Tweet –FR-groups of Black and Whites getting together to integrate interstate travel. Traveled from DC to Jackson-hit violence along the way. Lead to integration.

What was the story and impact of the Birmingham Protests in 1963?
protest although law against it. Day 1 1,000 kids to jail-violent police-watercannons, teargas, fierce dogs. city and Us look bad. TURNING POINT-kennedy to push for civil rights bill, Birmingham to integrate.

Describe the March on Washington, including the impact.
TweetThousands, all races, march to Washington for CR & jobs ($$). "I Have a Dream" speech. CR renewed impetus & government sees they need to take instant action.

What was the deal with the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

Tweetsigned in July. segregation banned in public places. prevented discrimination with EEOC. (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)segregation officially illegal in us

What was Freedom Summer?

TweetFreedom summer attempted to register Black voters. Local whites killed and beat many blacks & burned and bombed many buildings. Violence radicalized many blacks.

Tweet about the Voting Rights Act of 1965

Tweet –pushed by johnson- banned tests and other laws keeping blacks from voting. federal officials to register voters. 50% increasenblack registered voters in Selma

Provide a tweet describing the Selma to Montgomery March in 1965.

Tweet –3 marches protest segregation in Alabama. Violence-President Johnson orders to protect 3rd march. King speaks. President issues Voting Rights Act, passed.

Describe what President Johnson did as a result of the Selma march.

Tweet –Johnson sends Voting Rights act, because of violence, passed. August 6- signed into law-to enforce fifteenth amendment.

Tweet about Johnson’s Great Society – how will it help the Movement?

Tweet –Programs made to expand role of Fed. Gov. in domestic policies-modled after New Deal. Help CR -legislation to ensure CR that were denied to most blacks Post-Civil War.

Tweet about the impact of the movement in the North, especially Chicago, in the later 1960s.
Tweet –no laws aainst rights-but bad discrimination. Black frustration led to riots in norht and assasination of MLK Jr. Blacks outraged. nonviolence beginning to be rejected. "blak power" feelings arise.

How is the Movement dividing in the later years of the 60s?

Tweet –The Movement is splitting into violence and non-violence. Instead of Black Integration (non-violence) some are turning to Black Power ("any means necessary").