A Civil Rights Roundtable

What would happen if 16+ Civil Rights Leaders came together to discuss the ideas, issues, and events of the various groups pushing for civil rights in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s? We will find out in class tomorrow, as we have a roundtable discussion concerning various topics about the movement. To prepare for the discussion, you should ...

  • Read Chapter 29, Section 3 - The Equal Rights Struggle Expands in order to understand the perspective of Hispanics, Native Americans, and women (this basic information will be on the quiz)
  • Review your perspective on the movement and come to class with some ideas - and possibly some great quotes from your role!
  • Check out some (not all) of the US Census stats concerning equality today today -
  • **General Statistics**/ **Voting and Government**/ **Labor** / **Education**
  • Develop some additional topics of discussion (general and specific) and add them to the list below (by editing this page).
  • You will be evaluated on your preparation and participation in the roundtable. Speak up - and speak your mind!


Did the movement succeed? - Check this video for inspiration
What is the status of Civil Rights today?
Which major event in the Civil Rights movement was the most important?
Does the 14th amendment apply to women?
If you were a student in Los Angelos would you have of joined in the walkouts even if you knew you were going to be arrested?
If you were a woman during this era, would you quit your job when you got married?
Is Affirmative Action good for America? - Check out an overviewWhat do you think of civil disobedience and non-violent protesting?
If you could change one aspect or action or event of the movement, what would it be and why?
Does affirmative action any real point in society today? In the 60's?
What is your opinion on the Civil Rights Act of 1964? What about the Voting Rights Act?

What CRM leaders made the greatest impact?
Which of the movements (African Americans, Women, Indian, Latinos, ect.) had the most success?
What negative things came out of the CRM? Does the good things compensate for the bad?
By doing affirmative action is the government getting to involved?
Do you think there is such a thing as our society becoming "too equal"?