Good: The baby boom led to more ankle-biters and led to the rapid growth of suburbs!

Bad: Since when is back seat bingo a good thing and the only reason suburbs developed is because the cities were in despair. Many minorities faced hard living conditions and poor wages.

Good: Through the growth of suburbs, more Americans joined the middle class. With a bigger market of more people of more groups, the economy boooooommmmeeedddddddd! Retail spending soared!

Bad: Nearly one out of every five people were in poverty, you can't ignore those such as minorities who were payed even less and worked harder and longer. It was only a party for some who were fortunate enough

Good: There's always going to be people who are poorer than others. Overall, the 50's was a time of prospetiry. On top of booming industry there were many technological advances. The tech stuff made people go ape!!!!!

Bad: What about the blacklist, that ruined many jobs. Communism became a problem and lying only made the list grow.

Good: Everyones against the Reds... we cant help it if the Cold War has caused more outrage against communsim. When most of america is in the middle class and prospering? Why do we care about the few? Besides, McCarthyism ended anyway..

Bad: Because the few are the minorities they are being treated unfairly and left in cities with no money or jobs and they can't live a prosperous life like the others.